Friend sessions: talking about identity and passions.

“Since being a kid, I never wanted to be like other people. I’ve always been a contrarian and I think the easiest way to convey this right off the bat is by the way you look and the way you present yourself

I grew up in the suburbs of Sydney, Australia – I always felt like it was boring and it felt like the other people who lived there just wanted to get married and have kids – do the stuff that is expected. As an act of rebellion, I wanted people to know I wasn’t that person, by the way I looked.

At that time, my piercings and crazy hair brought on quite a lot of negative comments from strangers and now that I’m older, I get people coming up to me and telling me that they like what I’m wearing and it’s nice that someone wants to make you feel good – makes me feel like people are decent and there is some hope for the future. We don’t spend enough time being kind, letting people live their lives and being who they want to be.” @k_for_kate