The jacket: exploring the relationships we form with the clothes that shape our identity.

“This jacket is the first expensive thing that I have bought in my whole life. It’s from Selfridges and it felt good when I got it because Stussy is a brand that me and all my mates think is cool and nice.”

I like the bright colours and cosy feel of the fabric. It’s big and baggy and I think that’s what makes it look really good – I like baggy clothes – they make me feel free. I can’t skate in tight clothes – like there’s no way I’d wear skinny jeans – they look like you’d rip your crotch.

But I get most of my clothes from Oxfam. Oxfam because you can find really good jumpers, jeans and t-shirts and it’s cheaper than getting new things. If it’s a no brand it doesn’t matter, it’s about how the clothes make me feel. It doesn’t bother me that they have already been worn – it’s like I wash it and it’s mine now, init.

I want people to see me as a person who cares about what they wear but doesn’t care at the same time. I want to be someone who wears what they want, and it doesn’t really matter what anyone thinks.” Sol @sgcskatecrew