The coat: exploring the relationships we form with the clothes that shape our identity.

“I was at a vintage fair and I happened to see this coat hanging up with a lovely silk scarf around the neck and I remembering thinking it looked really quite glamorous and reminded me of the type of coat the old film stars used to wear. When I tried it on, it fitted really well and I felt dressed up. It’s not important for me to look glamorous but the coat is and does make me feel glam without making too much effort.

I have friends that make comments about the regrets of getting older and the fact that men don’t look at them in a particular way anymore. But my view is that why would they when there are younger women to look at. Youth is attractive.

Glamour is timeless – you can be glamorous at any age. I dress for myself and I feel better about myself if I have made the effort. I don’t look in the mirror and expect to see myself 30 years ago or the same figure but I think, well if I look alright in terms of my outfit, hair and make-up, I feel alright. And if I don’t look alright, I don’t look in the mirror, or I take my glasses off and I take a few steps back and I will look fabulous.” Katy @katy.howitt