The coat: exploring the relationships we form with the clothes that shape our identity.

“I bought this coat when I moved to London in January two years ago. It is a random French brand from a shop in Shoreditch – East London. I liked the fact that it looked vintage and worn and the long length and oversized shape is comforting and feels like a hug. Moving here with my husband and daughter was exciting but also daunting because we uprooted everything from Spain where I had lived for the past 12 years to live in a big city.

During the transition, I went through this whole thing with my clothes and found five different styles in my wardrobe. It has taken me until now to feel comfortable in my own skin, in terms of who I am and what I like to wear. I have let go of the mixture of styles and those jeans that I know I cannot get into and accept that I will never be as skinny as I was before, and that is totally okay – I would rather be juicy and happy, than skinny and miserable.

I am very opinionated about things that are not always to everyone’s liking and that is fine but being in one mindset is like a trap and I have learned that it is okay to change your mind which is really important in life. Vegan does not mean better and it does not mean healthy. Veganism is such a big label – there are so many strings attached to it, so it is better to not be anything. I am conscious – I am vocal about the stuff I am passionate about, like seasonality, shopping local, being more sustainably minded, but I am also realistic and not everybody has the opportunity to go to zero waste shops, cycle to work, or buy organic. You can only do the best you can, and the smallest efforts make a big difference.” Bettina Campoluccio Bordi @bettinas_kitchen author of Happy Food and 7 Day Vegan Challenge